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Having over 5 years experience managing events from concept to execution, Amilcar is your man when you want to use events to drive your business. As an event manager at the Red Bull brand department he created and coordinated numerous events, guerrilla marketing projects, consumer activations and national campaigns. As a freelance Event Manager Amilcar has worked with various company’s and has dealt with events from different sizes. Due to his creativity, strategic thinking and entrepreneurial spirit his events agency Novel Amsterdam has been successful in the vibrant nightlife scene in Amsterdam.

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Magic Powers



Before executing an event, it should be clear what the goal is. How does the event relate to other events? How does the event drive your business goals. When is it a success? Questions that will be answered before creating a new event concept.



Creativity is the mother of innovation. Having an Advanced Business Creation bachelor degree Amilcar facilitated countless creative sessions. Amilcar is able to get countless ideas out of your team and shape these ideas into one killer concept that meets your business goals.


Event Management

With Amilcar’s event management skills and leadership qualities he is able to bring every concept into reality. His positive mindset and excellent communication skills  is engaging team members and stake holders. He is able to see the big picture and always strives for the best.


Beste Werkgever

Project Lead

Red Bull Doodle Art

Project Lead

Atlas Electronic Festival

Marketing Communication Plan

Red Bull Fridge Design

Concept Development & Project Lead

Red Bull Paper Wings

Project Lead

Brand Philosophy

Be real. Always ask why.

Tell stories. That’s what people remember.

Be creative. Magic will happen.

Be authentic, original & unique.

Be honest. Transparency is key.

Be positive. Make real connections.

Always have fun. Make people smile.

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